Landlords spend $10 billion every year to improve New York’s affordable housing stock. Today, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are hard at work building and maintaining the apartments we call home. Tomorrow, they could lose their jobs.

Albany’s proposed rent regulations are bad for working New Yorkers. Tell New York lawmakers: Don’t kill our jobs!

Hundreds Rally to Save New York Jobs!

Our Principles

Quality, Affordable Housing

All New Yorkers deserve access to quality, affordable housing

Safe, Sustainable Communities

All New Yorkers deserve safe, sustainable communities to live in and raise their families

Good-Paying Local Jobs

By creating thousands of good-paying jobs, we are investing in our housing stock and New York’s future

New York’s Economic Engine

From working with small businesses to partnering with local suppliers, we serve as an economic engine driving New York Forward

Our Impact

Creating Good Jobs And Investing in New York

“We are a small business in New York that has over 90 employees and has been operating for over 50 years.”

– Fred Tichner, Mercury Paint Corporation

“I am an electrical contractor and the owner of DMMP Electric Construction Inc. I work with several landlords and cover a lot of projects across different buildings. I’m proud to contribute to the building of New York.”

– David Muzikant, DMMP Electric Construction Inc.

“I am the manager of A&S Kitchens and we have been in business for over 20 years. The landlords I work with are very responsible and things don’t fall through the cracks.”

– Alexander Kremer, A&S Kitchens, Inc.

Housing to Call Home

The safety, well-being and protection of tenants is our top priority. AreNY is committed to providing all New Yorkers with best-in-class maintenance and service they can trust.

“The maintenance staff goes above and beyond – they respond immediately to any request. They even helped me put together a kitchen table once! The front desk staff are incredibly friendly and helpful as well. I always feel extremely safe in our building.”

– Nicole

“I have lived here since it opened and I can’t image a more convenient, friendly, and in many ways intimate place to live in New York City. A lot of the staff have been here as long as I have been and it makes it so warm.”

– Rita

“We have been remarkably impressed by the hospitality of the management office, superintendent and importantly the front desk. They really get to know all the tenants in the building. We have really felt like a part of the community from the first week that we moved in.”

– Jeff

Our Partners

The Alliance for Rental Excellence represents a diverse coalition of tenants, local business owners, landlords, and hard-working New Yorkers. We are committed to creating safe, sustainable communities and building quality, affordable housing for all New Yorkers.

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